Analyticon Biotechnologies Analyticon Biotechnologies AG specializes in the production and worldwide distribution of in vitro diagnostic test systems in urine diagnostics and hematology.

The company is establishedin 1980 in Germany.

Analyticon supplies laboratories in over 100 countries around the globe and is an OEM manufacturer for numerous international partner companies.


B. Braun is one of the world’s leading providers and manufacturers of healthcare solutions today. Every service that B. Braun provides incorporates the entirety of B. Braun’s knowledge and skills, deep understanding of users’ needs, and extensive expertise since 1839.

With its constantly growing portfolio of effective medical care solutions, B. Braun makes a substantial contribution towards protecting and improving people’s health.


CE-Immundiagnostika Gmbh was founded in 1979 in Heidelberg, Germany, by experts in blood type testing in order to develop and manufacture test reagents. In the last 30 years, the company established itself as a dependable partner in providing serological lab reagents and solutions for transfusion medicine and blood bank laboratories.

Today, itmanufactures over 50 different blood typing reagents and supply clients in more than 90 countries.


CITEST DIAGNOSTICS INC. is an emerging IVD company, with office in Canada and joint venture in UAE, and affiliated manufacturing facility in China – which truly represents the Multi-National work environment.

CITEST has been founded by IVD industry’s experienced professionals with proven track record in successful companies, of which these professionals were integral part.


Cytotech is a company that was established in Budapest in 1991 with aim to exploit the advantages of its unique solution for automating the blood group serological spin tube technique. Fully automatic self-washing instrument, the ACT Robot was finished in 2013.

Cytotech is focused on constant upgrading and extending of its own product line.


Dia Pro was established in 2007 with the aim of producing last generation Immunohematology Systems based on Gel Technology. After having completed 5-years of R&D process, the first range of products, Across Gel® cards and Across System® equipment were introduced into transfusion community in 2012.

Being the first manufacturer of Gel centrifugation kits and equipment’s in Turkey, Dia Pro has become one of the world’s known companies in this field.


Eurospital was established in Trieste, Italy in 1948 and since then it has maintained its original imprint according to the company’s philosophy “innovation for living better”.

The company is present in over 50 countries, offering solutions for diagnostics, gluten-free and pharmacy area.


Founded in year 2000, i-SENS is a global company dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and those who care for them.

CareSens® is a recognized worldwide brand that provides fast and highly accurate blood glucose test results. With an annual production capacity of 2.1 billion test strips from highly efficient manufacturing facilities, i-SENS exports to over 110 countries including the USA, Japan, and Europe.


Kawasumi Laboratories is a company with headquarters in Tokyo and established in 1957 as Japan’s first manufacturer of disposable blood collection and transfusion sets for medical use.

Integrated production system from raw materials to finished products has been established at factories in Japan and Thailand, with the quality management system that provides high quality products.


LMB was founded in 1982 in Germany and rapidly expanded to surrounding countries such as Austria and France, due to the innovative products and solutions offered to the clients.

With this growth and acquired knowledge the company ever since has been finding innovative technological solutions in the fields of donation and component processing, along with setting the highest quality in the development, manufacturing, and solutions from donation to processing blood components.


Lorne Laboratories is a company established in England in 1974 with the aim to provide a simple and total solution for Blood Transfusion professionals across the world. Lorne was created by biomedical scientists who believed that the manufacture and distribution of reagents and associated products for blood transfusion could be provided professionally, ethically and with quality.

Today, Lorne operates in over 100 countries, covering the fields of blood transfusion, diagnostic kits and laboratory equipment.


Nal Von Minden Gmbh is a company from Germany, operating with the tradition over 30 years.

It produces rapid diagnostic tests intended for several medical areas.

Nal Von Minden’s diagnostics tests comprehend both reliability and high quality, they are easy to use and provide fast and accurate results.


Orion is a globally operating Finnish pharmaceutical company, founded in 1910.

Orion develops, manufactures, and markets human and veterinary pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

The core therapy areas of Orion’s pharmaceutical R&D are neurological disorders, oncology, and respiratory diseases.


Polfarmex is a pharmaceutical company from Poland, established in 1989.

It is specialized for production of generic medicines that cover several therapeutic areas, including pulmology, cardiology and gastroenterology.


R-Biopharm is one of the leading developers of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis, founded in 1988 in Darmstadt, Germany.

Today R-Biopharm is represented by subsidiaries in many countries as well as by a worldwide extensive network of more than 120 distributors.

The company is a world leader in the field of allergen analysis test systems.


Reagens Ltd was established in 1990 in Hungary. It started activity with the development, production and distribution of reagents for haematology analysers.

For many years Reagens own its technology of preserving red blood cells for immunohematology (blood grouping) tests.


Vitro S.A. is a Spanish private corporation specialized in the development, manufacturing and distribution of In-Vitro diagnostic (IVD) instruments, software and reagents, which use non-invasive techniques like immunohistochemistry and molecular biology diagnostics.

It was founded in Seville in 1989.

The aim of the company is technological innovation and personalized treatments, offering the best solutions for IVD diagnosis in different areas.