About Us


Beohem-3 d.o.o. was founded in 1997 in Belgrade as a company for import and export of pharmaceutical products.

Our primary orientation is work with products of world-known companies based on contracts for representation and exclusive distribution, with aim of providing the top quality products and service to the customers.


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    We provide complete service to our foreign principals, which besides marketing, sales and distribution includes registration, regulation and vigilance in the field of medicines and medical devices.

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    Efficient and reliable service together with customer-oriented approach represent the main approach that we cultivate. Our team of associates consists of dedicated specialists, which along with professionalism and permanent education on medical novelties makes our permanent commitment.

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    Over the years, we have established a successful cooperation with many medical institutions, including clinical centers, hospitals, pharmacies, wholesales and laboratories and our aim is to constantly expand and elevate our activities.

   Our Warehouse


Warehouse for medicines and medical devices is located in Viline vode, Belgrade, has surface of 421 m2 and fulfills all modern requirements for medicines and medical devices storage.

It includes a cold room and cold chambers for storage of medicines and medical devices that require special temperature conditions and the rest of the warehouse has an ambiance temperature of 22°C.

The temperature and humidity in the warehouse are under constant monitoring and recording. Delivery vehicles are equipped with cold chain system and providing efficient and completely safe distribution of the products to customers.