Ulti med

ulti med Products GmbH is a company founded in 1992. in Lübeck, Germany.

The company is specialized in manufacturing and distribution of in-vitro diagnostic medical devices. In cooperation with famous institutes in Europe and the USA, ulti med uses a wide range of modern research and development laboratories.

As one of the first manufacturers of IVD in Europe, ulti med was certified in 2000 according to the DIN EN ISO standards after the installation of quality assurance system for all sections of the company. From manufacturing to the registration of the products, from distribution to dispatch of every shipment, ulti med is associated with high quality.

ulti med tests are prompt, easy to use and include wide range of the products. Small amount of the sample is required and highly reliable results are obtained within a few minutes.

Manufacturer’s web site: www.ultimed.org www.ultimed.org

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