R-Biopharm is a leading developer of test solutions for clinical diagnostics and food & feed analysis, founded in 1988 in Darmstadt, Germany.
R-Biopharm’s quality management systems have been certified to the international standards ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

Today R-Biopharm is represented by subsidiaries in many countries as well as by a worldwide extensive network of more than 80 distributors.

In clinical diagnostics R-Biopharm possesses many years of sound experience, particularly in the field of infectiological stool diagnostics but as well in the field of serological infection diagnostics and allergy diagnostics. 2006 the clinical product portfolio was extended by innovative test systems in the product lines tumor diagnostics and gastroenterology. All distributed tests are validated an CE-marked.

For more information please visit web site www.r-biopharm.com.

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