PromoPharma ITALIA


PromoPharma, that was established in San Marino in 1998, is a leading company specialized in the development of safe and effective “sweet disease treatment” solutions. Its activity started with the production of an innovative line of phytopreparations based on Amazon plants, the so-called Ynkhas® line, that immediately aroused great interest for the originality and effectiveness of the employed plants.

PromoPharma catalogue, that originally included only a few dozen products, now gathers 400 items, and its different lines (natural products, Bach flower remedies, food supplements, homeopathic remedies and etc.) all share the common aim of safeguarding people’s health and wellbeing through the synergic use of different sweet disease treatment solutions.


PromoPharma has always pursued the precise aim of giving people the possibility to rely on high-quality natural products. According to PromoPharma’s mission statement, “High Technology ” means striving to maintain the natural state of herbal products. To achieve such a result, the company has always invested in developing people, in order to gain specific knowledge and higher level skills.


Once the product concept has been defined, the pilot study must be launched, what involves checking raw material quality control techniques, production methods and chemical, physical and microbiological parameters.
The subsequent production phase, that includes a careful raw material selection and strict post-manufacturing controls, aims at developing high-quality products while respecting GMP guidelines.

Organic farming and ISO Certification

PromoPharma joined the organic certification system: a production method that is defined and governed by EC Regulation 834/07 and by the EC Implementing Regulation 889/08 at the Community level, and by the Ministerial Decree n. 220/95 at the national level.

Research and development

Over the course of the years, our research and development experts have developed a greater sensitivity in detecting new natural medicine products. A skilled team of qualified doctors are currently developing new products and formulas based on the results of important clinical trials carried out by acclaimed research centres that are published on illustrious international specialists magazines.

Among the major partners are:

  • The Department of Pharmaceutical Science of Ferrara University
  • Further acclaimed research centres


Our partners: