CE-Immundiagnostika Gmbh

CE-Immundiagnostika Gmbh is a medium sized biotechnological company with more then 30 years of work experience. It has a residence in Haidelberg in Germany and is specialized in:

Production of serums for blood type determination ( AB0, Rh-subgrops, Kell system, Coombs serums, rear serums, auxiliary substances, potentiators )
Production of plasma and serums
Production of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies

CE-Immundiagnostika is a German producer certified by the standards of ISO-EN 9001 and ISO 13485 according to the in vitro diagnostic directive EC 98/79 of European parliament and council. Company owns CE mark and EG certificate ( Declaration of conformity ) and whole production processes are in accordance with guidelines of Good manufacturing practice GMP.

Besides long time experience in production of high-quality reagents for blood types determination, CE-Immundiagnostika can commends with one of the most complete pallets for blood typing, including rare serums, mono and polyclonal serums and supplements.

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