Biotest is a world-wide operating specialist in immunology and hematology. Biotest manufactures preparations derived from human blood plasma using state-of-the-art biotechnological processes. The preparations are used as immunotherapeutic agents in cases of antibody deficiency or in autoimmune diseases, in severe bacterial infections, in transplantation medicine and in the treatment of coagulation disorders.

Plasma is obtained, processed and virus-inactivated in accordance with international standards. These guarantee the excellent quality and safety of Biotest’s preparations. One example to achieve the highest possible safety level is integrated additional steps of control and virus inactivation into the production process of plasma proteins; these steps are far more than the legally required procedures.

Biotest products meet the highest standards and are sold in markets which have to satisfy the most stringent registration requirements in the world.

Biotest stands for high-quality and safe products as well as for efficient and reliable solutions. Quality referring to plasma proteins means safety, tolerability, and user friendliness.

Therapeutical products registered in Serbia

Volume supstitutional therapy and critical care:
Albiomin 20%, human albumin
Pentaglobin, IgM enriched human polyvalent immunoglobulin for IV use

Haemoctin SDH, purified complex of plasma factor VIII and von Willebrand factor
Haemonine, factor IX

Intratect, human immunoglobulin G for IV use for immunedeficiencies and autoimmune diseases
Hepatect CP, human HBV hyperimmunoglobulins

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